"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Napoleon Hill

Impact of coaching with Arzu.

Having had coaching sessions with Arzu over the last several months, I have come away from each session feeling motivated and encouraged to follow through with very clear actions pertaining to my goals. One of the crucial things that my coach Arzu does in her style of coaching is to widen my perspective on my situation by asking questions that invite me to think of other approaches and ways in which I can achieve my goal. Arzu also challenges me and checks how what I say and do will benefit me. This makes me feel and know that my actions are meaningful and really aligned with what I say I want, and so propels me forward to carry them out!

Through coaching with Arzu, I am made accountable and encouraged, as she checks that I will update her on completed actions and what I may want to discuss in the upcoming session. Arzu has an amazing ability to listen to what I'm saying, as well as as to what I'm not saying, a great skill in getting to the real root cause of an issue which I may not have even realised is the true thing that was holding me back. This is so critical to my own awareness and when I feel 'stuck' in an area then I always look forward to my session with Arzu as I am always confident that she would help me unearth the block and establish actins to move past it. She shows genuine and wonderful recognition of my successes along the way, no matter how small and this support really helps my motivation. As a result of coaching with Arzu I have been able to achieve important health, business and personal goals, and I am continuously inspired to keeping growing in these and other areas of my life. Thank you Arzu!





My name is Delia and I have worked with Arzu over the last four months. I live in the UK and we have a 45 minute coaching session once a week via Skype.

The work I have done with Arzu is phenomenal! Without her professional guidance and support I know I would not have been able to achieve my dreams and aspirations in such a short time. When I was contacted by Arzu through ‘Coachmefree,’ I was in a terrible place; my marriage had ended very suddenly, I was in the process of being made redundant and my mother had been diagnosed with lung cancer. At this time I couldn’t see a way of getting through it, or being able to just set simple goals to get me through each day. I felt isolated and alone and just could see it getting any easier.

Four months and here I am now, planning to set up my own business, with a business proposal and trustees committed to playing an integral part in the business. I have decided that I want to date again and just to have fun and build friendships. I have set up a book club in order to connect with new and old friends and I plan to develop this into regular activities. I have also come to terms with my mother’s illness and I ensure that spend as much quality time I can with her. Life is good and it’s getting better.

Most importantly I have a renewed faith in God and trust in him (through me) to make the right decisions and live my life in faith.

All this huge amount of work would not been possible without the coaching expertise of Arzu, the tools, exercises and challenges she presented me with, challenged me to make the changes I needed in my life. Arzu is extremely professional, holding, patient and articulate and I would recommend her coaching services to anyone anywhere in the world and from any starting to point. Arzu will challenge you to make the shift you need to make in your life to help you to grow and get excited about being alive. What you will have is her support and encouragement, all you will need to do is look beside you.


Delia, UK




Having Arzu as a coach the past year has been a blessing. Her genuine interest and supportive listening has helped me to sort through my manifold ambitious ideas. Where I often started out with a sense of overwhelm, she skillfully listened, free of judgment, to gently guide me into organizing, prioritizing and professionalizing my work. The structures she offered enabled me to cut through to the essence of what it is that I want to manifest. I learned how to focus, set goals and pursue to actually achieve to double my clientele within a year and manage to earn a decent living with my praxis. If I would characterize Arzu in three words it would be: skillful, crisp and genuine.

Jordis Jakubczick, Bodywisdom for Leading Ladies, Expert in bodyintelligence, Natural Healththerapy and bodyoriented coaching, Amsterdam, Dec.2012




Hi Arzu,

wanted to say how much I appreciate working with you on improving my inner harmony and life settings. Your approach in each session is very impacting me for whole last 4 months. I am benefiting much from your kind, soft, supportive but firm and intense presence in my various life situations, all while moving towards set goals.

Your scale of methods, complete and beautiful trust in me as person and genuine devotion to process is supporting me on desired results. We have been working on quite some life areas at once and always found clarity after the session.

I know I am moving forward much easier and faster - thank you.


Czech Republic